Saturday, March 10, 2012

Out Of The Ashes...

A year ago, a massive fire completely destroyed the Ikea store (building and merchandise) near Netanya city. Luckily, there were no casualties as the store was empty when the fire broke out .

The cause of the fire was not clear. Fire investigators were checking some electrical fault near the store's roof. I was under the impression that the fire was deliberately set by someone who wanted the store destroyed, but no injured people. The timing was "perfect" - on Saturday, when the store was closed and no one inside it.

Besides, it looked like someone had "taken care" of the fire detectors . The investigators had no explanation for the fact that these detectors had failed to work. Anyway, the final conclusion was: a short circuit caused by rain water in the electrical system, had brought about the destructive fire.

The store reopened this week, on Tuesday, March 6. Although I was not a frequent customer, I kind of missed my few annual visits there. I like the location - at a major road intersection - its palm trees and nice views of the surroundings.
I'm not very fond of Ikea furniture or textiles , but I do like their smaller items such as lamp shades, kitchen ware, storage gadgets, candles. I also enjoy eating the veggie soup served in a bread loaf, at their restaurant.

palm trees in front of the store

veggie soup in a "bread bowl"

kitchenware stand

So, on Thursday, I paid Ikea a visit to see the store that "emerged from the ashes". The concept is the same, but naturally there are some changes and improvements (especially in the eating areas and in the areas for children activities). The emphasis both outside and inside is on the two vivid, attractive colors dark blue and mustard yellow.

festive rebuilt Ikea

going upstairs

fast food area

gardening department

Ikea is considered a nice, friendly place where adults and children can spend hours shopping, eating, having fun. Let's hope no fire or any other bad thing happens to it again.


  1. I like Ikea as it has been implanted in France for a while. I like to say that i am an Ikea generation as i used to shop there when i was student. They have enormously improved since, and there quite good quality items, in fact there is a wide range of rices available which is good. I still shop there occasionally for small items but the main purpose is to have lunch there with friends as their seafood is so fresh, it comes directly from the North Sea!

  2. good that nothing had happened to people - I always wonder how sick someone must be to do such things!

    Life and travelling

  3. I've never been to an Ikea store, I don't know if they do business in the US. Thanks for the introduction!

  4. It's good the store could arise out of the ashes. It looks like a great place to shop. I know I could get lost in that kitchenware stand.

    Although I've heard of Ikea, I haven't had the opportunity to shop at one.

    The bread bowl looks gooooooood!!!

    You have yourself one fantastic weekend sweetie!!!

  5. DeeBee L,

    The food at Ikea is very popular. There's a little food market, a fast food area, a coffe shop area , and a restaurant - all of them full of visitors & buyers.


    Yes, we were all relieved to learn that the investigators found no foul play.


    I know from other bloggers that there are Ikea shops in the USA. So, you should try and find out about Ikea in your area.


    Well, it took a whole year to rebuild it!
    You should visit Ikea in your living area; it's a friendly place.

  6. We have Ikea here in Ireland,just the one store located in Dublin,too far for me to visit but my son and his wife go there .I agree they have lovely affordable kitchen ware and I like the rugs my daughter in law bought.

    Glad to hear no one was hurt in the fire and nice to see the store reopened.
    The soup in a bread roll has given me an idea for lunch.!!!
    Hope this comment reaches you,I have had trouble for months trying to comment on your blog along with a few other blogs I follow.

  7. Duta- Oh yes, good to see it back from the ashes! IKEA is quite an operation. I'm so glad there were no human casualties.

    We have and IKEA about 45 minutes away and the kids love going there. They especially love the meatballs!

  8. I love Ikea and have visited stores in two US cities; but unfortunately, my city does not have one. :( I had no idea Israel had Ikea, which from the pictures look exactly like the stores in America.

    I pray for your country's well-being with the threats from Iran. I hope cool heads will prevail and things will relax in the Mideast. G-d bless!


  9. Oh I hope nothing happens to it again, it looks like a great store! I wish we had an Ikea close by but unfortunately the closest one is about 3 hours away. But I hear so many people online talk about the great shelving pieces they buy there. Hopefully I can visit one soon. I didn't know they offered food, I wonder if they all do. That soup bowls looks yummy!

  10. matron,

    It's good to hear from you. I also had some trouble with placing comments. One of my blog followers helped me solve the problem.

    Yes, Ikea has something for everyone's taste. As for the 'bread bowl' - the crispy brown bread is a swedish recipe.


    I love the meatballs too. I suppose your kids, like all other kids, also like the ice cream sold in the fast food area.

    Joyce Lansky,

    I think Ikea stores have the same format in all countries. It's a swedish concept, slightly adapted to local demands (for instance, in Israel they sell the local fast dish: felafel).

    Thanks a lot for your prayers for Israel's well-being.


    My closest Ikea store is about 1.5-2 hours away. As far as I know, Ikea stores everywhere offer food and at a low to reasonable price .

  11. I have not been to an Ikea but the pics you show me, looks nice
    Glad you got it back

  12. I haven't been to an Ikea in a while, but I love to can spend the good part of a day there. The soup looks so tasty - I'll definitely have to try their food next time I'm there. Thanks for taking us along on another one of your great days, Duta!

  13. My Cousin took me to Ikea in LongIsland NY. I flipped out. I have been in Maine so long forgot what a real store looked like. I could go mad for thos flowers.
    I wish one would open in Rockland Maine. yvonne

  14. Kim&Stuff,

    Yes, we're all glad it has been rebuilt. They're even going to open a new branch.


    You should definitely try their food. It is very popular both with adults and children.

    La Petite Gallery,

    Ikea's plants and flowers section is very attractive. You would like it. Maybe you have in Maine the austrian rival store of Ikea named Kika...It's also worth a visit.

  15. I have only been to Ikea on your blog and online. If we have one here I do not know about it. However, if we have one all I have to do is ask one certain SIL and she would have been there and could immediately give me directions. I would have been right at home with you in the kitchenware department. I have been looking at skillets of late. Thanks for taking us shopping. Peace

  16. Lady Di Tn,

    Lucky you to have such a helpful SIL!

    I'm always looking there for some skillet or pot. They've got reasonable stuff for reasonable prices.

  17. Hello Dear Duta! I was surprised to see that you have an Ikea in Israel. I don't know why...just assumed you don't have all of the same chains as we do! See how much I know...guess that's why I love your blog so much. I get to expand my sheltered horizons!!:D Have a wonderful week and God Bless!

  18. Nice reading. The soup in a bread bowl! A great idea.

  19. My dear friend Duta
    Lovely photos!!!
    In Greek IKEA does not have soup in loaf.
    But they have very nice Swedish BALLS!
    At times I have purchased small furniture and small practical things for the kitchen!
    We like to go there. He and a huge parking lot!
    many greetings

  20. IKEA stores are great places to visit. Architecture, interior decor & layout are terrific. Visited one such store in SFO a few years ago when I was on a visit to the US.

  21. Hi Duta,
    "The Shadow of Your Smile" is an old favorite of mine, thanks for the reminder!
    I read another blog that mentioned IKEA in the US, and just now searched for locations. The nearest one to me is 300 miles, so I'm not likely to visit one soon! Ah, well, there are other retail establishments...

  22. Lisa Petrarca,

    Well, we have everything here (except Peace with our neighbors). Not only the swedish Ikea is here, also the similar austrian 'Kika'store.

    P.N. Subramanian,

    I agree with you. The bread , based on a swedish recipe, is crispy , makes the soup eating a great pleasure.


    Swedish meatballs, small furniture and kitchen items are my favorites too.
    And, of course. everyone likes the spacious parking lot.


    Right. A visit to Ikea is a lesson in architecture, design, culinary matters. Ikea provides us both with beauty and fun.


    You're welcome. Maybe one of its austrian counterpart stores ,Kika, is close to your area.

  23. It looks very interesting. I love your pictures. I checked online the closest one to us is in Dallas. I guess I will just have to keep my eyes open when we are traveling. The soup bread bowl looks yummy! Which I love bread of any kind! Thanks for sharing Duta, I love traveling with you!
    until next time... nel

  24. Nel,

    I'm also a bread lover, and bread as we all know, is quite an obstacle to ovcercome when we wish to loose a few pounds.

    You're welcome to join me for a walk or travel even if only virtually.