Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Made in Moldova

One of the latest 'hot' things on Youtube comes from Moldova, the small country "sandwiched" between Romania and Ukraine (see web map above) which emerged as a republic following the collapse of USSR in 1991.

The capital of this country is Chisinau and the official language is romanian, known as moldovan. Several other languages spoken here are: russian, ukrainean, gagauz, bulgarian, polish.
Its main touristic attractions are vineyards (the country is known for its superb wines) and remote monasteries cut into limestone cliffs.

I must admit I'm very impressed by the dancing virtuosity of the two moldovan kids in the video clip below, but I'm not happy with their moves which I consider too adult for their age; I'm also not happy with what seems to be a tattoo on the girl's upper arm.
The video was filmed at a wedding with the tiny couple of dancers as main entertaining attraction.
What say you, dear readers?


  1. Alarm, that is what I felt, Duta, and sort of sick inside. Really do not like children dancing suggestively, or wearing make-up. I always say this, Duta, but again you made me think!

  2. Duta,I agree with Vera,there was nothing cute about this video.If they had performed a local folk dance or a waltz I may have applauded them,I am all for children leaning to dance but this ,to me was not nice.

  3. I would think that the tattoo was actually a temporary transfer, surely a real tattoo would be too painful for such a small child. I also think that if her clothes had been more age-appropriate and she wasn't wearing make-up, the dance moves would not have looked nearly so inappropriate. Certainly, they are marvellous dancers.

  4. What happened to letting children be children? The moves they are performing would be risque even in adult dancers at a public wedding! And the makeup on the little girl? Not to mention of course that tattoo that disturbs you. It's so sad that the innocence of children is not appreciated or valued anymore. We have a show here in the US called Toddlers & Tiaras and the children are just so sad. I hate to see what their parents are doing to them. Just makes me sad.

  5. I agree with you! They are obviously very talented though.

  6. on one hand they dance very well but on the otehr it reminds me about American beauty contents for kids which I do not approve!

  7. There is no doubt that they dance very well & have applied themselves to their craft. While I don't want to fall into the trap of agreeing with everyone else, I feel that there are elements within developing Eastern European countries that want to become more westernised. A demonstration at parties like this always inspires a chain reaction of parents to send their children for lessons to maybe achieve at least half of this talent.
    On a side note, it would be interesting to know whether the two children were part of the wedding party or not as I get the feeling that this show is made to be more spectacular because they are children. If adults performed it, it would be seen as good, but wouldn't have made it onto Youtube & therein lies the watchability of it for a lot of people. I once saw a clip of a three year old shared on blogger playing drums years ahead of his time and more recently on Facebook, I watched a boy of a similar age playing skilful guitar but I could tell he was bored with it at times and just played the notes he was taught to do.

  8. I have very mixed feelings over this. The children obviously dance very well technically, although they do it with a 'wind-up doll' kind of perfection that appears almost unreal.
    j_on_tour has made some very interesting points with which I agree.
    I do feel that children these days appear to be forced to grow up too soon missing out on doing childish things.
    Not something that I like to see at all.


  9. Duta
    Tears are raining down from Heaven wanting to know what has happen to little girls and boys? I do not like tattoos of any kind fake or real. The human body is beautiful and does not need to be treated like a canvas. I agree the children are talented but why take away from the talent with the dances they preformed. The make up, tattoo and adult moves borders on child abuse. The parents need some KITTY JUSTICE served up with both PAWS. Peace

  10. Too bad their talent is vasted in such garbage. I cannot blame them, I can blame the adults esponsible for them. They are no different from todlers in Tiara. Sorry.

  11. They can dance but it's just too suggestive!
    Kids dancing like grown-ups is not good!
    Thanks for sharing, Duta.

    See you when I get back to blogging!
    Be well and happy!

    Margie :)

  12. I think it is sad that such young children are taught to behave this way for the pleasure(?) of the adults around them. Not the dancing, exactly, but the sexually provocative teasing from the little girl, and the macho behavior from the little boy. It is a shame that parents abet their children's loss of innocence in this way.

  13. Vera,

    You've hit the nail on the head with these two expressions: "dancing suggestively" and "wearing make-up". This kind of dancing behavior is definetely not for kids.


    Of course, we all are in favor of children taking dancing lessons and display their talent, but we don't mean this sort of dancing.


    I hope you're right about the tattoo. In principle, I'm against piercing & tattoes on people of any age. And yes, as dancers the two kids display great virtuosity.


    You're asking the right question.
    I too believe that it is the parents who are to blame for their kids' loss of childhood.


    Indeed, their talent is very obvious. Pity it's so misused!


    No doubt, the two kids dance well, but at this soft age, it's too early for such suggestive dances or for beauty contests.

  14. J_on_tour@jspaze,

    You're sure right about the Eastern Countries trying to become westernized.
    As far as I understood from the presenter's words in romanian,the two kids were brought to perform at the wedding as a present for the bride and groom.


    Indeed,children acting as grown-ups - that's not a pretty sight, not something one likes to see despite the technically good performance.

    Lady Di Tn,

    Yes, even Heaven is weeping at such a sight. It is exactly as you say: 'Child abuse it is'. I loved your last sentence regarding Kitty Justice.


    Welcome to my little blog! I agree with your words. The kids' performance is wasted talent, and the blame goes to the adults.


    "Kids dancing like grown-ups is not good" - that's key sentence and I think so too.
    Have a wonderful vacation, Margie!

  15. Beautiful children who will most likely be marvelous dancers when they are older. I hope that when they are away from dance, they are living the normal life of a child.

  16. Though I can not see the Video thanks to our GEMA, I guess I know how it goes after reading all those comments.

    Our world has changed a lot, we do not let children be just that, children.
    People just won't wait for them to grow up... :(

  17. Omg what the heck? Where are their parents so I can slap them?

  18. Bica,

    I hope that too. Beautiful, talened children are also entitled to a normal life.


    You're right. Nowadays, children have scarcely any childhood.

    Pivos Nicolaides,

    Thank you. I'm glad you think so.

    Tanya Reimer,

    Great humor, considering the word 'slap' in your last post.
    The kids' parents should be re-educated though.

  19. I couldn't see the children at all. All that I saw were adults who were in the childrens' body. Well, media has robbed the kids of their childhood and many have mentioned that. i would have appreciated this more if the children wore less/no make up and acted like children and not adults.

    Joy always,

  20. I agree that they are too young for mature dancing but they do have a talent to develop into

  21. Well, they are talented-but I find the sexy dancing at that age disturbing. I also wouldn't put my child in a strapless top (which obviously was giving her trouble). As for the tattoo-I hate them. My son has 3 small ones that he can hide and I really wish he didn't have them. Let's assume this little girl has one that washes off!

  22. Susan Deborah,

    Exactly - two adults in childrens' body - "robbed of their childhood". That's what we see, and it makes me sad.

    Kim & Stuff,

    Yes, they've got great potential as dancers. Let's hope it will turn out into something positive.

    Sue (Someone's Mom),

    Disturbing indeed. I'm also against tattoes, little girls in strapless top, and everything that distorts the body or is not age- suitable.

  23. Oh wow... Talented kids, but wrong way to direct their skills. I agree, the dancing and the little girl's make-up and dress are not appropriate for their age.

    About the tattoo, or what seems to be a tattoo on her arm, and leg, I was wondering it those are birth marks. I stopped the video several times to take a close look, and was under the impression that they were not tattoos.

    Great post, Duta, as always. I think you should work for a travel magazine as a journalist. Your posts are so interesting and so well-written.


  24. How sad, don't get me wrong they are very talented, but how sad! They are kids, with adult moves. Surely the tattoo is temporary, at least I would hope. I do not like tattoos at all, but each to their own opinion. What bothers me are they going to go home and play with dolls and trucks in the dirt or sand, probably not, and that is sad! Kids are kids and they grow up so fast, they don't need this kind of help.
    I'll stop before I get on my soapbox...lolol.
    until next time... nel

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  26. Hold my hand -Doris,

    You may be right about the spot on the girl's upper arm being a birth mark and not a tattoo.

    Thanks for the compliment. I feel very flattered by your words. You've made my day.


    I agree with every word. I'm also against tattoes. "Kids are kids" as you say; they should act like kids and enjoy their childhood.

  27. They sure can dance! I agree, a bit too suggestive but they did look like they were enjoying themselves. I can't image what type of performance they'll put on when they are 12 years old. Sad really.

  28. Probably the kids imitate adult dancers without really being aware of what their dancing moves mean.

  29. WOW! As my Husband would say,
    "BOOK EM" These two children were fantastic. I agree the little boy holding his private part was a shock. Maybe the tatoo is a
    peel off type I hope. She has got the moves, couldn't believe them.


  30. Lש Petite Galerie,

    Wow, indeed. Their talent is unquestionable, but...still, I would prefer they dance something more appropriate to their age.