Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garden of Sculptures

The Sculpture Garden is located on a segment of the pedestrian area in my town's main avenue, and it includes works donated by famous israeli creators. The sculptures in this garden are made up of various materials: bronze, stone, aluminium, stainless steel, iron, basalt. They all have plaques with the relevant details (name of artist, name of sculpture, material , date of creation etc..) .

Open-air art display , for obvious reasons, is good both for the public and the artists. Everyone strolling along the avenue or sitting down on a nearby bench, can enjoy the work of art exhuibited in the little garden, and get to appreciate the specific artist responsible for it. It is a direct touch between art and the viewer -without the mediation of the museum , without opening /closing hours, without entrance fees.

Here are the sculptures that I particularly like to look at when I visit the place:

Big Head (5 heads made of cut-out iron)

Woman with rungs of a ladder (iron)

A Tribute to the Inferno ( stainless steel)

Relay Station (iron + basalt)

Dolomite Stone

Horse motherland (iron)

No name (basalt)

Art exhibits arranged in a beautiful, central space attract visitors of all ages. It's a pleasure to watch children contemplate the sculptures and react, sometimes, in a funny way. "Look", said one kid to his mother pointing at a rusty exhibit, "Next time we come here, we'll bring our Wd-40 to take off the rust". Sweet.


  1. These sculptures are good, I like the woman and the dolomite stone especially. That they are free to the public is an added benefit.

  2. Two and three photos are my favorite. I think sculptures are a very wonderful display as it gives the area character. Children are like blank canvases and do not usually think inside a box as adults seem to do so they are really the ones with creativity gone wild. Peace

  3. I love sculpture gardens. The woman with "wrongs" of a ladder is a great title. Was it deliberate play on rungs? It adds to the story.

  4. I love the big heads - so fascinating to look at!

  5. Dimple,

    The sculptors of most of these permanent exhibits are well-known, so the visitors get to view real quality art.

    Lady Di Tn,

    "...it gives the area character". Exactly. As for children, I agree with you about their creativity.

    English Rider,

    Welcome, and thank you.
    Sorry for the mistake. It should be 'rungs' not 'wrongs'. I corrected it after reading your comment. Thanks a lot.

    The Bug,

    Indeed, everything about this sculpture is fascinating: the shape, the colors, the idea behind it.

  6. I really liked "The Wrongs" It made me ponder all afternoon.

  7. Ce poate fi mai frumos decat sa te plimbi printre adevarate opere de arta!

  8. Thanks for sharing your walk through this beautiful gallery Duta. I enjoyed all of them . . probably the first one is my favorite. I'm very envious of those who have a talent for anything artistic.

  9. Duta, that is truly a beautiful garden of sculptures!
    Wonderful post!

    Margie :)

  10. I would love to see it myself!

  11. English Rider,

    I thought about that too, especially after reading your last post.

    Lumi Ro,

    Intradevar. O plimbare printre opere de arta este si placuta si educativa.


    Me, I'm also envious of people who're artistically gifted. The sculpture in the first picture is very special.


    Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you liked my post and the garden with sculptures.


    I believe you would. Maybe your wish will come true someday.

  12. I like seeing your area. I like the inferno sculpture the best!

  13. The art is always welcome in any form and place! Good sculptures!

  14. I like the 2'nd image from the top. The woman with the rungs.
    I feel that way sometimes. As if there were only steps, but I will take them down as soon as I mount them, instead going up myself.

    And that child's comment is worth Gold! :D

  15. Flipping amazes me the talent out there! Thanks for sharing. I love stopping by here! Always a nice treat.

  16. I enjoyed viewing these sculptures and the notes that accompanied them. The town has many interesting facts, I see. The placing of these images in strategic places definitely improves the aesthetic sense of the place.

    Thanks for yet another treat, dear DUTA.

    Joy always,

  17. I find this art very interesting and like it a bunch. From a guy who does not have much taste.

  18. Kim,

    Me too. I even had my picture taken near 'the Inferno' sculpture.

    Phivos Nicolaides,

    Very well put! I agree with every word.


    This sculpture with the the woman & rungs is very popular. When standing near it, one hears various interesting interpretations. Children, as usual, surprise with their comments.

    Tanya Reimer,

    Thanks for your kind words. The sculptors of these pieces of art are famous for their talent.

    Susan Deborah

    I'm glad you've enjoyed 'the treat'.
    This place indeed, greatly contributes to the aesthethic and cultural aspects of the town.

    One Fly,

    Judging by the amazing headers of your blog, you've got great taste!

  19. What a nice space. A lot of more traditional people may think that the sculptors may have five heads. I choose to think that this inspires some creativity and develops our mind in these areas .... five heads are better than one !!

  20. Terrific sculptures and I love the big head! How wonderful it must be to stroll through this garden. :)

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  22. J_on_tour@jayspaze,

    There's something about artists in general that makes us think they've got five heads - which is supposedly better than one head.


    Strolling along this segment of the pedestrian zone is a sheer delight. From here one gets into the next segment displaying a photo exhibition which is also a delight to the senses.

  23. Sometime I don't understand artists and their art. Some sculptures are very weird. Not only in your city. We also have such abstract sculptures in our city. Not all, but a few of them.

  24. I'm back from France and just getting caught up on your blog. I love the Big Head sculpture, but I can only hope the colors won't fade in the sun. Public art has become such a risk these days, with the many vandals and taggers at work. But Israel knows all about running risks.

  25. What a great idea...and you are so right, it's so wonderful to be able to enjoy art while you're just walking around running errands or to drive by in your car and spot something artistic and beautiful. I love the 5 heads but that lady with the rungs of a ladder, what a beautiful sculpture that is. You could contemplate that one all day!

    Hopefully people will continue to appreciate them and that you won't have any of them ruined by vandalism. Thanks DUTA for sharing these with us, they're lovely!

  26. robert,

    Well, we don't have to understand everything, do we:). Anyway, most
    of the sculptures in this garden such as the woman, the horse, the relay station - are not abstract or weird , in my humble opinion.


    Welcoe back!
    Indeed, vandalism might strike anytime. Luckily, the place is very central, so let's hope that won't happen.


    The woman with the rungs is my favorite. but I enjoy contemplating all the sculptures in this place. And indeed, the close availability of art to the public is a great idea.

  27. Deirdra Eden-Coppel,

    Thank you for your kind words , and of course, for the award. It's an honour for me. I chose the delicate Inspiring award for my little blog.