Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mt. Hermon - The Eyes of the State

On Monday, I went on a trip to Mount Hermon, the northest point and also the highest point in Israel. This mountain, within the region called the Golan Heights, is considered "the eyes of the state" for its strategic position - its height serving as a primary source of warning from possible neighbors' hostility acts. There's, of course, some army presence on the mountain equipped with the latest tracking system.

military post

In winter, the Hermon area, is a ski resort, the only one in the country. The ski site is operated by the people of the small settlement Neve Atib. There are in fact three inhabited places on the mountain: a druse town, Madged-El-Shams, a druse village, El-Kynia, and the jewish moshav (agricultural community) of Neve Atib.

snowman welcomes the visitors to the site

Maged-El-Shams - the druse town

Now with the summer here, one could see only some very distant patches of snow on the highest peak of the mountain which is...on the syrian side of the border.

During summer, besides being a refuge from the scorching heat, the Hermon mountain area offers a variety of recreational activities:rock climbing, hiking, cable cars to climb up the mountain while having a view of the entire region, studying its unique flora and fauna, exploring its streams and waterfalls.

cable cars - up and down

arrival on the summit

flowers of Hermon

On our way back home, we just had to buy cherries. There's nothing like the cherries from the orchards of the Golan Heights.



  1. Thanks for showing us the highest point. Really nice to see it. Beautiful flowers too

  2. I have never been to Israel,Your posts show us that it is a beautiful Country,full of culture and interest.
    All I usually see on the news are the negative things that give the wrong impression.
    The Golan Heights are wonderful,nothing like imagined they would be.
    Thank you for showing these pictures and for the information,I learn something new from all your posts.
    Take care,Carolyn.

  3. DUTA, how I wish I could travel to Israel. I could take all your posts as reference pointers. The cherries almost are like apples: luscious and yummy-looking. Did they taste as good as they seem?

    Joy always,

  4. My dear friend Duta,
    Very nice mountain!!!
    Indeed cherries need of altitude!
    It is the most delicious!
    Many greetings

  5. Kim @ Stuff,

    Compared to mountains in Europe or in your places, this mountain is not so high, but we like it as it is. The flowers are indeed beautiful.


    Israel is indeed beautiful and interesting. Sadly, the Media is not always objective and presents her in a negative manner.

    Susan Deborah,

    My posts as reference pointers?! Wow, I'm really flattered.
    The cherries taste great; I'm mad about cherries.


    So, you're not only an expert in photography; you seem to be an expert on cherries too.
    Greetings, to you too Magda!

  6. I truly wish a trip to Israel was in my future, but I know it's not. In lieu of this visit, thanks for taking me places I would love to visit. What's the elevation of this mountain, DUTA? Your picture of cherries definitely gives me a craving!!

  7. Cherries from the orchards of the Golan Heights, I'd love some!
    They look too good!

    So nice to take this tour with you, Duta.
    Thank you!

    Margie :)

  8. Bica,

    One never knows what trip is in his future.
    To answer your question: it's highest elevation on israeli territory is 2.236 m.


    These cherries are highly addictive. They taste heavenly!

    One Fly,

    I wish I could offer you some. I'm sure there are fine cherries growing in the USA too.

  9. DUTA - What an interesting place. I love the photo of Maged-El-Shams, so picturesque! And the flowers of Hermon are so pretty. It's hard to imagine a place that looks like a desert region having snow. It would be wonderful to see the same pictures in the winter. Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad you indulged in those cherries, they look delicious!

  10. I'm not familiar with relief of your country. But in these photos or in your older photos I saw only a few trees. Otherwise the landscape is very beautiful.

  11. Hi Duta,
    I knew it snowed on Hermon from my Bible study, but I never thought about a ski resort being there! That was silly of me--why WOULDN'T there be one?
    The flowers are beautiful, and the cherries, also. Now I must go out and check our cherry tree for fruit!

  12. This is an example of how your country has so much pleasure and tension in in one spot. I hope it remains peaceful on this very high mountain.

  13. Wow! Look at those cherries.. atop the great adventure you had on that trip :-)

  14. Alicia,

    If you're interested, on the Web there are plenty of snow pictures of the area. The druse town is indeed very picturesque and a real attraction to the tourists.


    Compared to Europe, in Israel mountains are low, and forests are sparse, but they do have their beauty.


    There's also a ski school in the area. Lucky you to have a cherry tree in your garden!


    You're correct. We have "pleasure and tension in one spot". I too hope the spot will remain peaceful.


    Right. The cherries were indeed the delicious top of the wonderful cake (trip).

  15. Mt. Hermon must be quite the 'cool' change from the nromally hot weather in Israil. :)

    Also... those cherries, they look tasty!

  16. Wow, what a great view from Mt. Hermon and again I must thank you for sharing. Yum those cherries look just perfect. Peace

  17. Wow, I'd never think to ski in Israel, but it looks like good fun... some day maybe! :)

  18. PinkPanthress,

    At least as far as I'm concerned, the cool weather and the delicious cherries are the two major attractions in the area.

    Lady Di Tn,

    The view on the top of the mountain is magnificient. It goes well with ...a bowl of cherries.


    Yes, it's kind of odd to think of ski in the warm climate of Israel, However, in winter the ski on the Hermon is considered quite an adventure. You should perhaps try it someday.

  19. Right up on the top!! Great photos!

  20. Phivos Nicolaides,

    Thank you . I wish I could display all the pictures I took there, but I had to limit myself, and avoid perhaps boring my readers with too much material.

  21. DUTA - I did go and google winter photos of Mt. Hermon and it does look very picturesque. What a lovely area!

  22. Alicia,

    Kudos to you for your curious mind and your thouroughness!

    Trudy Callan,

    Thank you. I'm glad you liked my pictures.