Thursday, October 7, 2010

Days of September

I've had a rather hectic September, partly because of our jewish High Holidays. I'm not a religious person, not in the organized sense, but I do observe certain basic customs such as fasting on The Day of Atonement, remembering the departed ones, reading relevant passages in the Book of Prayers. There are things to do before and during the Holidays, and then when it's over, all I want is - to go on... a holiday.

Well, this time I chose to go to Mizpe Ramon, a tiny town in the Negev desert. A complete change of scenery and atmosphere: hot and dry weather (not humid as in my home-region) with cool mornings and evenings; dominant yellow colors, and..the blessed silence of the desert around.

This small town is located on the rim of what is considered the biggest crater in the world, "Machtesh Ramon" (40 kilometers long , 9 kilometers across at its widest point). The crater is characterized by unique geological phenomena, and it attracts visitors from all over the world.

While on a cliff overlooking this marvel of Nature, I couldn't help thinking of how difficult it must be raising kids in Mizpe Ramon, keeping an eye so that they don't run in the wrong direction, to the edge of that huge hole. There seems to be lots of children here (probably, the relative isolation from the big cities contributes to a high percentage of natality).

There's another unique attraction in the area - a Farm of llamas and alpacas- friendly animals originally from the Andes mountains in South America. Both adults and children enjoy hand- feeding them, but greatly dislike their habit of ....spitting (It is believed, by the way, that their spitting stuff contains something that makes hair grow, so that is a matter of real interest to bald people).

More on the crater and the farm in my next posts.


  1. Around Yom Kippur it seems always a lot of change is taking place globally and in my own life, so I keeps tabs on this feast (more than our New Year). Hope your vacation was enjoyable!

  2. How nice to learn about customs in other countries. I really do enjoy such posts!

  3. The desert looks like a great trip for centering and basking in the Glory of God's creations. It looks like you had a good trip.

    I've been gone to Brownsville Tx. to spend my Daddy's last days with him. He has fought a rare form of leukemia for almost three decades that has manifested itself into many different form of cancer. It's been a long hard battle and last night at 10:45 that battle was over. Dad will no longer have to endure the pain and suffering this has caused for years.

    You take care sweet Duta, I've also missed you over at Cow Patty.

    God bless and have a beautiful day!!!

    BTW: Maybe Hubby needs his own personal Llama for Christmas....:o)

  4. So glad that you were able to get away for awhile but at the same time so glad you are back especially in the world of blogging! I have missed your interesting posts. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures! Loved the pictures.
    until next time... nel

  5. Llamas and alpacas are also raised here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hmmm, my brother in law is losing a lot of hair. I wonder if I can talk him into going for a ride.....

  6. Love the way you describe your journey. I can almost feel the dry desert when I read this post.

    Welcome back, you were missed.

  7. Looks like you had fun Duta. I too was out in the desert. Good to see you back.

  8. Welcome Back Duta! You have been missed. Looks like you've kept busy and I look forward to hearing more of your holiday!

  9. Welcome back! I was just fretting about you the other day & then I remembered that you had TOLD us you would be away a while.

  10. I'm glad you're back. I'm also happy to see that things are good, and that you weren't away for anything worrisome. I always enjoy your posts, and love how you always find something different and interesting to write about. Welcome back!

  11. Welcome back!
    Thanks for all these informations. Every time I come back to your blog it's a pleasure.

  12. Bine ai revenit DUTA.Interesant Negevul in septembrie.
    Cu respect.Vio

  13. Duta, I'm so glad your back! I hope you post pictures of the very interesting.

    Anyways, I've missed your posts & glad you were able to get away.

  14. Welcome back and I am glad you are well and had a lovely holiday.
    An interesting post again and I too am looking forward to the next installment and photographs.
    I read this post to my husband,who is totally bald,he declined my offer to take him to a llama farm.!!!(we have one in Ireland )
    Have a lovely weekend,look forward to your next post.

  15. I love the desert, though yours appears more arid than the one's I've visited in southern British Columbia, and Southeast Arizona. Who knew about llama spit? Could be a little gold mine there!

  16. Jeannette,

    I feel honored that you appreciate Yom Kippur feast. Yes, my vacation was quite enjoyable. Thank you.

    Phivos Nicolaides,

    I'm sure you know quite a lot about customs in other countries. I believe you do enjoy reading and learning about them.


    I'm sorry about your Dad. Please accept my sincere condolences. May his soul rest in Peace and may you be blessed with the Best in Life!(Good idea to get a llama as Christmas present for your hubby).


    Thank you for your always kind words. I'm flattered that you've missed my posts and that you love the pictures of this one.

    Rocket Man,

    Thanks for the info. As for your brother-in-law, I'm sure he'll be ready to try anything to regain his hair.


    Glad you like my description of the journey so far. Hope to bring some more details in my next posts.

  17. Angelina,

    I'm glad you like my description of the journey so far. Hope to bring some more details in my next posts.

    One Fly,

    Yes, I had. I like the desert. I suppose you like it too. Thanks for the welcome.


    Thank you. I'll try to supply the "merchandise" by offering more info from my short journey in the following posts.

    The Bug,

    Thanks a lot. I'm happy to come back to my bloggie friends,you among them. ( "fretting" -
    nice word).


    You really know how to say the right words and make one feel good.Thanks for your warm comment.


    It's my pleasure! Keep on coming back to my blog!

    Viorel Irascu,

    Multumesc. Intradevar, Neghevul este interesant in Septembrie. As spune, de fapt, ca e interesant oricand.

  18. Lisa Petrarca,

    I'm glad to be back , Lisa. I intend to post some pictures of the crater in my next post.


    Thanks Carolyn for your warm Welcome.
    I think your husband might "sleep on it" as people will do anything to regain hair growth.


    The guide at the farm told us that the Indians in the Andes Mountains use the spit of these animals to massage their scalp as they believe it makes hair grow.
    You're right ; it could be a gold mine provided research is done by serioue factors.


    Glad to hear from you. Well, the desrt is always interesting and mysterious.

  19. Hi Duta, Welcome back! I would never have considered alpacas in the desert, but why not? They are related to camels, after all!

  20. Hi Duta, I'm glad you are back. I have missed your posts. They are always visit the most wonderful places.

  21. Hey, welcome!
    I didn't know you are back with such beautiful stories!
    I have seen your post on Robert's blog!
    Thank you my friend, and glad to have you back!

  22. Dear DUTA:

    Welcome again. Nice to have you back. And your September was well-spent, I reckon. Desert landscape is the only one which I have not visited. I would love to someday. I last saw Llamas in our zoo and it is definitely nice to see them in your picture.
    And as always, you take us to a world which we have not seen and experienced. Waiting for the treasures to come as and when you post.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear DUTA.

    Joy always,

    P. S: You look lovely in the picture. Hugs.

  23. Dimple,

    Hi Dimple,I've missed you.The alpaca farm is up in the Highland desert. There were also camels there at the farm which indeed resemble the alpacas. Blessings to you too!


    Thanks a lot for your very kind words. I hope you're right about my posts.


    Thank you for your warm welcome! I'm glad you call me friend and consider my stories beautiful.


    Thank you; Shana Tova to you too!

    Susan Deborah,

    I don't know about other people, but I like the desert. I'm sure you'll find the opportunity someday to visit a desert region.
    Have a wonderful weekend too!

  24. I'm glad to see you posting again, Duta! Welcome back :-)

    Great post, and I felt dusty and sandy just reading it, which is a compliment. You transported me to the desert.

    Hey, it's got to be something with the setting on my monitor, I think but the text on your blog isn't actually visible to me any longer. If I drag to highlight, it appears, but the blue just blends in with the brown.

    The only reason I'm mentioning it is that it isn't happening anywhere but here. Looking at your comment section, it seems I'm the only person experiencing this.

    Duta, maybe your blog is magic! Written in invisible ink, like the spy stories of the thirties :-)

  25. Welcome back Duta. I am looking forward to more posts about your time away. Very nice photo!

  26. Welcome back...! That's a great picture of you.

    That is one part of the world I have always wanted to see. It is so different from where I live (the rain forest).

    It looks magical and mystical there in the desert.

  27. Duta, I'm so glad to have you back!! I have missed your postings and your unique comments. Once again you have enlightened me of a place I will never see but that I now know a little about. Looking forward to more info on your recent holiday.

  28. Land of Shimp,

    So, You "felt dusty and sandy just reading it". I like this expression of yours.
    As for my blog, no it's not written in invisible ink. I wish it were magic, but it's not.


    Thank you. Indeed, I hope to write some more on my desert journey.


    I'm glad you like my picture.
    Yes, it does look different in the desert. There's something mystical about it.I think you'll get your chance someday to visit such a place.

    C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson,

    I believe you are. I'm flattered that you've missed my posts and comments.
    "Never say never " about seeing a place.

  29. I hope you had a wonderful time, it sounds as though you did!

    I am an alpaca freak and want one or two very badly- but it is frowned upon in city limits here in America.

    My goodness. I'd be a complete mess to raise a child near a big hole in the ground. Heavens.


  30. Duta! It's back from the mists of the ether! Or something of that nature. I clicked on your blog and could see the text without highlighting anything.

    I didn't change my settings, although I did do a software update, so maybe that's why. Still, whereas it's nice to see your words again without highlighting, I'll kind of miss the "Wheee. Super secret decoder rings at the ready!"

    It was like you were a spy behind the lines, sending out messages :-)

    Seriously, no clue what changed but it was a fun experience :-)

  31. I also clicked on your blog and was able at long last to read it, because for ages it was devoid of text. The desert looks a hugely silent place, and I can't imagine living somewhere which is not full of grass and trees, but I can imagine living somewhere which is quiet having become accustomed to the quietness I am living in here. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed the desert quiet too.

  32. Entrepeneuur Chick'

    Too bad about not being allowed to keep an alpaca.
    I was thinking not only about children but also about how easy it would be for those unfortunate people contemplating suicide to carry out their "plan". There's no real fencing up there.

    Land of Shimp,

    I'm glad things went back to normal. I'm worried now may be there's some malware in the computer causing this.


    I hope it's not some malware causing this' no text' thing.
    There's greenery in the town, but not as much as in other parts of the country, and it needs tremenduous watering. Anyway, I could live in this place mainly because of the fine weather and pure air.. I consider weather an important factor in the quality of life.

  33. It looks like a wonderful place to unwind and get in touch with your muse! I know what you mean about the quiet of the desert; I enjoy it a lot when we visit family in Arizona. There's something about that desert wind....

  34. Hey sweet lady~
    "but I do observe certain basic customs such as fasting on The Day of Atonement, remembering the departed ones, reading relevant passages in the Book of Prayers."
    I believe God is honored by your observance of these 'rituals,' & I believe He will bless you - dear one - as a result.

  35. Lynda Lehmann,

    Yes, indeed. There's something about the desert that transcends us into another world. I'm sure you greatly enjoy it when you're in Arizona.


    Thank you for these wonderful, encouraging words. I hope you're right about that.

  36. HI Duta, Just coming over to wish you all the best over the High Holidays season. I was looking for the recent posts on the high holidays, and found my way here somehow!! Beautiful that you went to that place and saw the llamas and the desert!! I hope that special time will be a springboard for your reflections in this season. We read about the shutdown in Israel. So sorry to hear that, and am praying for Israel as are so many in the world. God is the keeper of Israel, He neither slumbers nor sleeps, so surely He has a marvelous plan for the `Teshuvah` of all Israal and for this season. Praying many blessings will come out of all this and the world will know the God of Israel and the love He has for His people Israel!!! May you be inscribed and sealed in the book of Life for a good year!! Love and blessings!!

    1. Such a beautiful comment! Thank you, Shayndel, for your prayers and blessings for Israel.
      Wishing you too to be inscribed and sealed in the book of Life for a good Year!