Sunday, March 7, 2010

At The Parade ; On The Fishing Boat

On last Sunday, day of the joyous and colorful Purim holiday, there were heavy rains , so the annual traditional Purim Youth Parade was postponed until Friday ( March 5). On Friday the weather was rather hot , but the parade... paraded nevertheless. After the procession came to an end, all the participating youth groups and the general public gathered around three main stages placed on the avenue where the municipality building of our town is located, to watch a variety of outdoor dance, music, and circus shows.

Here's a short slideshow I've created with some snaps taken at the Purim Parade (Adloiada - עדלוידע). Open up the speakers, please!

On The Fishing Boat

"The most wasted of all days is the one during which you did not laugh".

[" One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lake, his wife decides to take the boat out. She motors out a short distance, anchors and reads her book.

Along comes a Game Warden in his boat, he pulls up alongside the woman and says:

- Good Morning Ma'am, what are you doing?

- Reading a book, she replies (thinking... isn't that obvious?)

-You're in a Restricted Fishing Area, he informs her.

- I'm sorry officer, but I'm not fishing, I'm reading.

- Yes, but you have all the Equipment. For all I know, you could start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up.

- For reading a book?

- You're in a Restricted Fishing Area , he informs her again.

- I'm sorry officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading.

- Yes, but you have all the Equipment. Again, for all I know you could start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up.

- If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault, says the woman.

- But I haven't even touched you, says the Game Warden

- That's true, but you have all the Equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment.

- Have a nice day Ma'am, and he left"].

"Never argue with a woman who reads. She can also think."


  1. Sounds like fun. I couldn't get the slideshow to play. I'll try again.

  2. Loved the slideshow, thanks for sharing. With the music you could almost feel the excitement of the children. And I love the fishing boat story, how funny! Hope you have a wonderful week my friend!

    until next time... nel

  3. Hello Duta. Wonderful parade and celebration.
    Thank you for sharing.


  4. thank you for sharing Duta. Wonderful !

  5. I didn't know what this holiday I googled and learned something. The music was wonderful and brought the slideshow to life!

    Funny joke...but true:)

  6. What a super slideshow, loved the music.

  7. (hugs).. thank you for sharing this. :) :)

  8. What a fun and happy post! What a treat! You did a wonderful job of putting that slide show together. I loved the kids on stilts and the strawberry people. How fun.

    And, the joke? Hilarious!

    Thanks for the good feelings.

  9. FEAST OF PURIM, one of my most favorite...ESTHER...she is one of the women I look up to! Tell me Duta, Is there special food, or things that you do for the Feast in Israel? We are going to be having an upcoming Feast and I'd love to hear about the traditional things that have carried on through the ages.

    Love the parade! Great slideshow, love the music.

  10. So true, ya just don't mess with a woman who reads! Loved it sweet Duta.

    I was disappointed that the sideshow would not play for me. I'm sure it's fabulous.

    Have a wonderful Sunday and may God bless it!!!

  11. Woohoo! Third times a charm! I was right the slide show and the music was treat! Thanks!!!

  12. I enjoyed the slide show... now I have to go look up Purim Parade and find out what it is all about.

  13. Duta,
    I so enjoyed the slide show. I especially enjoyed seeing so many people on stilts. And noticed alot of the costumes were red and black.

    It especially touched my heart to see so many fathers with their children. I guess no matter where you live in the world a father will always put his child upon his shoulders to give her a better view of a parade.

    The joke was great, especially since I love to read myself.

  14. Kathy,

    No reason why the slideshow shouldn't play. Do try again, and enjoy watching it!


    There are two melodies accompanying the slideshow: the first one is specific to the Purim holiday, the second one to holidays in general. Both are rhytmical and beautiful.
    Thanks for loving the slideshow and the joke.

    A human kind of human,

    I thought so too. The woman's answer just knocked the officer out like in a good game.


    Welcome to my little blog! Thanks for your comment!


    Thanks for visiting. Glad you liked the slideshow and the music.

    Sue(Someone's Mom),

    I like yor approach. You followed your curiosity and googled 'Purim' holiday. I'm glad you liked the music and the joke.


    Thanks a lot. I feel flattered by your liking the slideshow and its music.

  15. Ms.Hen,

    Thank you for stopping by. Hugs to you too, and have a terrifiuc week!

    Ronda Laveen,

    You're welcome any time! With naming my slideshow a 'treat' and describing the joke as hilarious - you've just made my day. Your comments are always so kind!


    I see you know something about Purim and Esther the Queen. Kudos to you!
    In answer to your question: Yes, there is.

    There are special cookies called 'hamantaschen'. These three cornered (triangular shape)cookies are stuffed with poppy seed, or fruit filling, or chocolate ( there are lots of recipes on the Web). The tradition is to send gift baskets full of these cookies to family, friends, and the poor.


    I'm glad you've managed to activate the slideshow and enjoy it. As for the joke, the sharp mind of the woman reminds me


    Glad my slideshow made you curious about Purim. You'll find plenty of info about this cheerful holiday on the internet.


    I like your remark about fathers and children. You're sooo right. Everywhere in the world a father will put his child on the shoulders to better view a parade.

  16. Duta - Thank you. Is there special meaning to the shape of the cookies, or the content of poppy seed, or any other filling used? I know I could research this myself, but I wanted to ask this of you first. Thank you for sharing.

    I LOVE Esther Duta. It is an amazing reality to absorb. It is amazing to consider her loss of parents, the role of Mordecai in her life, and all that transpired with their willing hearts.

  17. the parade is wonderful...
    the joke is also wonderful...
    you can find such jokes in every language in the world...

  18. Love the parade! Lots of red. I've heard that joke but never get tired of it!

  19. Jennifer,

    The shape of the cookies is said to resemble the shape of Hamman's ears. That's the version I know from childhood. The cookies are called 'Hamman's ears', Hamman being the evil minister that advised his persian king Ahashverosh to kill the jews in his kingdom.

    As for the pop seed, all I know is that its german word is 'mohn' which sounds a bit as Hamman, hence its use as a filling. Anyway, any filling one uses is OK.


    And your comment is..wonderful. Thank you.


    Indeed red was a dominant colour in that parade; it's a vivid ,vibrant color that brings joy in people and childrens' hearts. It becomes Purim which is a happy, funny holiday.

    The joke is not a new one, and yet one never gets tired of it. It's what we call a 'classic' joke.

  20. I loved your colourful slide show,so nice to see people enjoying them selves in a world that is filled with woe at the moment.
    The joke was hilarious,will have to remember it,good dinner party topic.

  21. What a splendid feast! Your description was vivid, too. Especially enjoyed those pogo sticks and the huge telescope on the float. Thanks for giving us those visuals to music, Duta!

    Hahaha...still laughing at the joke. It never fails to do that for me.

  22. Duta - Another question...I am curious is there some significance to why there would be a cookie that is eaten that is in the shape of Hamman's ears?

  23. I like the pogo sticks also.

    And the reading women? No, never mess with a woman who reads. Enjoyed it.

  24. The slide show of the Purim parade was wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Margie :)

  25. matron,

    Indeed, it's nice to see people having fun. And the shops around were very busy sellimg pizzas, ice-cream, cold drinks and making..good cash.


    It is a family feast; everyone is enjoying himself. I'm glad you liked my slideshow.
    The joke is a "classic' one isn't it?


    As far as I know, eating cookies which have the contour of Hamman's ears was to hummiliate the villain and emphasize his defeat.

    By the way, I forgot to mention another Purim specific food item: the Purim challa - sweet bread with raisins. The challah is long and braided in memory of the rope that was used to hang Hamman.

    Midlife Jobhunter,

    Welcome to my little blog!
    Yes, the sticks were a real attraction.


    I like to make slideshows , and events like this parade provide me with a splendid opportunity.

  26. Cute joke, great slide show! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Intelligent and funny! I really enjoyed it.

  28. That brought back memories of past Carnivals - and the case for humour was well made. Thanks.

  29. Dear Duta, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I love this post and your joke was quite funny! Also, the pictures of the parade are gorgeous! :) Silke

  30. Giggles,

    Thanks for visiting and for leaving your kind comment.


    I'm glad you've enjoyed my post. I like your descriptive words "intelligent" and "cute".

    Dave King,

    Purim is indeed celebrated as a carnival which includes funny games and costumes, magicians and clowns, a lot of face painting, and drinking of wine.


    Welcome! Thanks for your warm words. I'm glad you liked the pictures and the joke.

  31. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing the delightful video of the parade. I especially enjoyed the stilt-walkers and the "big and little strawberries". I loved the fishing story!!

  32. I loved the slide show and the music. Wonderful...! That looked like so much fun.

    Loved the joke too...!

  33. Cheryl,

    After your celebrations in Jamaica , I'm pleasantly surprised you could enjoy my slideshow and the joke. Thank you for.. your thanks.


    It's nice to bring something light and funny after having written a couple of 'serious' posts.
    I'm glad you liked both the slideshow and the joke.

  34. Phivos Nicolaides,

    I'm glad you think so, thanks. I took the photos on that hot, dry day and I compiled them into a slideshow.

  35. That was a treat! So colorful, for one thing. It was particularly appreciated on this gray March morning.

    I like the story at the end, it made me laugh, so today is already guaranteed not to be wasted :-)

  36. Land of shimp,

    Here , in Israel, it was not a grey day but a sunny one, and the weather was hot and dry.
    'Colorful' is indeed the right word describing the parade, the costumes, the children, flags, painted faces , etc..

    As for the joke , although it's quite a well known one, it still makes people smile.

  37. Loved the slideshow & loved the kids in their costumes! :) A friend of mine from Israil went to a party as the she-devil...

    I love the boat-joke, very good one. The guy got what he deserved!

  38. PinkPanthress,

    I'm glad you liked both the slideshow and the joke. My stories are quite often sad ones, so I feel I have to break the pattern with some little joke in order to bring a smile on my readers' face.

  39. Hehehe...that was a nice and fun filled one.
    Liked the way you presented the moral.
    But on a lighter note, what about the woman who doesnot read? :P
    Cant she think?
    I've witnessed many women who dont read but can think better than me.(err...Now dont think im a fool ;)...I just wanted to say - women think better than most guys.)

  40. Welcome to my little blog!
    You're right. Even women who do not read can think...better than most men (no offence meant)