Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tough Question

The other day I went to do some shopping at the Azrieli Center shopping mall in Tel Aviv. The large mall is located in the circular tower , the tallest of the three towers composing the Complex, the other two being the square tower and the triangular tower. I hate towers , but since I was looking for a specific item and I couldn't find it anywhere else, this place was my last resort, and so I found myself standing in line for the security check at the entrance.

Nearby, a bunch of girls were giggling and trying to get the attention of a young soldier. They were repeatedly , between the giggles , humming a line from an english song:"...what a looker he was...". I was familiar with the line and the melody, but I couldn't ,at that instance, associate it with any known song or singer.

The soldier 'played it' completely indifferent, but not so the young checker who was throwing furtive glances at the girls instead of concentrating entirely on the bag content of each visitor; which made me think that under the circumstances, a smart terrorist could have had no much difficulty introducing a little cute bomb into the building . Just like in the movies, using the distraction element. But, I was wrong, a security man appeared from nowhere, approached the girls and removed them from the spot.

Anyway, when I got home it suddenly struck me: the line "...what a mover/ looker/groover" belonged to a hit song performed by the british disco singer Tina Charles. I turned to Youtube to find out stuff on her, and I was pleasantly surprised by videos from her breakthrough concert in 1976 and from her performance thirty years later.

In the mid 70's she was a young, fresh ,sweet singer, but a bit plump, voice a bit too high-pitched, hair and dress lacking any particular style. Thirty years later she is mature, but looks cool, sounds cool, displays a stylish haircut, moves graciously in a black fashionable outfit .

Who do you prefer? Tina 'a' or Tina 'b'? Tough question. That's why I vote for the orchestra conductor , "..what a mover" (LOL)...,and for the songs ("Dance little lady dance", "I love to love") which make you wish to dance regardless of where you are or what you're doing at that particular moment.

Do watch the two videos; you'll greatly enjoy it.

Tina 'a'

Tina 'b'


  1. That takes me back, I remember Tina Charles in the 70s, I hadn't realised that she was still on the go.

  2. I vote for Tina a just because of the rockin' conductor, the gal can certainly rock~on!

    You have a great weekend my beautiful friend!

  3. I never heard this song before, but if I were to chose vote for Tina a, same reasons as Nezzy.

    It must not be easy to enjoy shopping when you also have to be aware of a would-be terrorist who could ruin the day...

    I'm glad you had a safe shopping experience.

  4. I like Tina B. I have to admit it's wonderful to read your posts. I feel like I'm transported. You really take note of things and make them come alive. We have many of the same issues in America with airports. I hate to fly anyways, but with the security guidelines now, I just despair over having to fly at all. I was at the checkpoint once and they asked if I had liquid. I said I had hand sanitizer and they asked if it was in a bag and I said "yes" because I didn't hear the question--my mind was thinking about flying. It ended up I had a large bottle of sanitizer in my purse. Not that I could do anything but kill germs with it, but still...she took my word for it. I'd strip search my own grandma if that was my job!

  5. I thought that this was a good example of someone who had gracefully taken on board the years without having lost their dignity, and I thought the Tina B sounded better.
    As for that huge tower of a place - it reminded me that there are other places in the world which are not so peaceful and calm as here. Sometimes I need a reminder to count my blessings. Thankyou, as always, for making me think.

  6. I think I liked Tina a best. But by the time I got into Tina b, my tolerance for disco had been exceeded, so that may have influenced me! I did like the conductor, however!

  7. I have to admit that I really enjoyed both! The first one for her seemingly happiness and the second for her experienced voice. Does that make any sense?

  8. Tina A and Tina B are quite different, and Tina A had the "disco" sound which was fun, but I think I like Tina B better. I have no reason why -- I just do.

    You know, I have often wondered about living where you do, and how much security there must be everywhere you have to go. I guess we will experience some of that here in Vancouver when the Olympics are here next month, but for you it is an everyday experience. That security guard who removed the two girls was really on the ball. They could indeed have been deliberately causing a distraction. It's the young people who are being "recruited" to do these things, sadly.

  9. Oh, Tina B for sure. She's like a fine wine.

  10. Tina A as it brings back more memories for me. I can't imagine having to consider such things when shopping. That is quite chilling. I guess we are all in the same boat these days in many ways. What a world! Happy New Year my dear blogging friend. xx

  11. Both songs are beautiful. I remember the second one quite well. The picture also is pretty. Kind regards dear friend Duta.

  12. I like them both...but your comments about security and being checked prior to entering a mall hit home..interesting - that mall in TelAviv is owned by a Canadian who sits near the top of list of Canada's wealthiest people. He also owns the little run down mall where I live...and guaranteed, there is no armed security searching shoppers. A vastly different kind of contrast!

  13. St Jude,

    Yes, She's probably still "on the go". The latest I've seen of her in Youtube was from year 2008.


    I agree with you. Have a great weekend you too!


    Indeed, it ain't easy with all those terror threats around, but we manage somehow to carry on with our life the best we can.


    You've made my day with your kind words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    As for security checking - it is indeed a big "headache", but what can we do, that's the world we live in.

  14. Vera,

    You should be thankful,indeed, for living in a quiet place.
    Oh Vera, you don't need me for thinking. Thanks ,anyway, for the compliment.


    Whatever your choice - it's a good one.


    It makes great sense, and I totally agree with you.


    You're right both about the two Tina versions and
    about the security issue. BTW, the people at the checkpoint are not always young people , there are also more experienced people around.

  15. I really didn't know there was a place without a terrorist threat? We live in Missouri, midwest, dullsville, farmers not terrorists...yet when I go to some government offices I'm x-rayed and have to make sure nothing sharp is in my purse. You notice the small strange things like I do, ie the girls singing.

  16. Nancy C,

    Well put - "like a fine wine"


    What a world indeed - having to consider possible terror attack while doing some shopping!
    Happy New Year to you too, Josephine.

    Phivos Nicolaides,

    The second song "I love to love" was a big Hit in the mid seventies and eighties ,and still is in the dancing halls.
    Kind Regards to you too, Phivos!


    It seems you're very well informed. Azrieli is indeed a wealthy canadian who owns tower complexes with shopping centers in many parts of the world.
    Luckily, where you live there's no need for security checkpoint at the entrance of the Center.


    Welcome to my little blog! and thanks for the 'follower'.

    With government offices the checking is not only against organized terrorism ,but also to prevent individual people from doing any harm to the workers in these offices. For instance, I remember a case when somebody stabbed a judge in court, so no sharp things are allowed in such a place.

  17. I'm a child of the 70's and have never heard of Tina c. I enjoyed her a lot. Great energy.

    A cute bomb. Wow! I'm sure it would work in many instances. Those are certainly HUGE towers.

  18. I do like Tina A. But I think it has more to do with the orchestra!

    Every time I visit your page I get the urge to travel. However it will be a few years before I will take Bo anywhere :) You know why :) But you are giving me the itch for international travel & you know I have never really had that desire...weird ...but I just never have. Until now! You have done me in ! And I am so glad! I can't imagine what those towers must look like in real life! How grand! Hope you found what you needed Duta!

  19. Ronda Laveen,

    Well, you're american and Tina Charles is british, more known in Europe than in America. BTW, the americans also got a famous Tina(Tina Turner).

    As for the towers, they look majestic and the entire center is very nice but...unfortunately, everywhere we have to have security checking.

    (What a lovely user name you have!).

    Great indeed, and the singer is full of energy.


    I'm glad my posts give you the "itch" for international travel. Travel is exciting.
    The Azrieli towers look quite impressive in real life.

  20. I enjoyed reading the post about your trip to the mall.

    We don't have that in our malls.. security of that nature. .. but I can see the distractions of those girls. Good someone had the sense to let them know not to be flirted with soldiers on duty.

    I would love to see Israel someday.

  21. Duta,
    What a cute post, except for the flirting girls and possible bomb part. But the videos were very cute. I think I would have to go with Tina A just because I love the innocent way she sings with total abandon. Tina B has learned to be an entertainer. Tina A is just getting started. Either way though they both gave me happy feet!

  22. I love that security popped up and removed the flirting girls, as they were being decidedly silly, but in an innocent way. It couldn't be allowed to go on, but it's rendered almost charming by the fact that it was dealt with swiftly. They got their thing to giggle over, but security was maintained without it turning nasty.

    As for Tina A and B, it's not the kind of music I generally like, so in terms of the song, I have to go with neither. Leaving aside the song though:

    I like that in the first one she is so decidedly frumpy. There's something so enthusiastic about it, and it's a reminder of how we no longer have much tolerance for people that don't fit a specific attractiveness package. She's adorable, but now she'd be deemed too heavy, and rejected as having no style. I love that that didn't used to be the case, and maybe we can return to a less superficial appreciation.

    By the way, I love the groovin' conductor too, but I'm pretty sure that's a man. Check out his hips and butt, that's a groovin' dude, not dudette :-)

    But I also love the appearance of Tina B, because of something else: She looks better. Neater, more sophisticated, and prettier...which is another thing our world sometimes seems to have lost...the realization that some people age into their beauty.

    There's something very hopeful about that, isn't there? She was a tiny bit awkward in that first clip, everything was overdone about her appearance...but she has a certain grace, and self possession that can only come from the confidence of maturity in that second one.

    We forget, there are great things about getting older.

  23. So very nice to be here again!
    So enjoyed your post Duta and loved both Tina's but enjoyed Tina A the most!

    Joy and blessings to you in the New Year!


  24. Ms Hen,

    Thanks. Luckily, you don't have to face security checking at the malls in your area, so shopping is a nicer experience than it is in our place.
    Israel is a lovely country to visit ( if one ignores the terrorist threats).


    I completely agree with your point of view. You've explained it so well and accurately!
    I like your expression "they both gave me happy feet".
    Land of Shimp,

    Your comment, as usual, is the cherry on top of the cake. You tend to analyze things from every angle possible and you do it beautifully.
    The conducter, is a man. His outfit and haircut are according to the fashion in those days.


    Welcome back to Bloggie Land! Hope you feel much, much better. Thank you for the warm comment. Tina 'a' represents youth and freshness , so it's easy for us to identify with her.
    A joyful, blessed New Year to you too!

  25. I love English Artist...I once rode on the bus from the White Cliffs back to the station in London having had some time in Paris, the bus driver played Tom Jones (although from Wales) the entire time...this reminded me of that experience.

    Thank you Duta, you always bring something to me just like this.

  26. Oh and I vote for b)Tina...just like it better.

  27. 困難的不在於新概念,而在於逃避舊有的概念。.........................

  28. Jennifer,

    I share your love for english artists , especially singers and actors. asa for Tina Charles, any choice is a good one. Tina 'b' is a elight to the eyes and ears.


    Thanks for visiting; unfortunately I don't understand your language.

  29. Tina has aged so gracefully. I like both a and be. Lovely girl and really nice voice. I wasn't much on disco but there certainly were some wonderfully talented people doing it.

    As always, a very diverse and interesting post, Duta.

  30. C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson,

    I like the word 'gracefully'. Tina has indeed aged gracefully, and it's a pleasure to watch her perform on the stage.

    Thank you for finding my post " diverse and interesting".

  31. I've never heard of her before but I like B the best. :)

  32. kys,

    She's british and is known mainly in her country and in Europe, that's why you, and other americans have never heard of her before.

    Thank you for your comment and have a Happy New Year!

  33. i love Tina charles. Takes me back. Thanks for posting. Mauro

  34. Reality observer,

    Welcome to my little blog!
    Tanks Mauro for your comment.

  35. I'm still too amazed by those three buildings in Tel Aviv! What a fascinating trio of architecture! ;)

    And I'm none too impressed by the

    Okay, I guess I prefer Tina B...voice still a bit shrill, though!

  36. Susannah,

    Inddeed the towers look imprssive. I haven't captured the entire triangle tower, we see only some of it.
    I think you're right. Tina b's voice is a bit shrill.

  37. Women always age better than men, it's a fact. (and slightly annoying).
    I think I prefer Tina B. But let's be honest she hasn't really changed that much has she ?

  38. Mick,

    Welcome to my little blog!

    If you say it's a fact that women age better than men, then I'll believe it.
    As for Tina B, it's hard to say she hasn't changed; she looks good but different from her young version.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment.