Monday, November 30, 2009

Feng Shui and the Flow of Chi

lucky bamboo

The world is insecure, full of conflicts and negativity; so people are looking for security, warmth and harmony inside their homes.

Feng Shui - theory based on the unobstructed flow of energy (Chi) - is a way of arranging and decorating one's home to create a balanced and harmonious environment that will provide positive energies and attract Health, Wealth, Luck and Love to the house.

Personally, I tend to adopt those principles of Feng Shui that are simple to follow, available, reasonable and not costly, such as: daily opening of windows to let fresh air come in, adequate light, display of live plants and fruit in the rooms, no TV or computer in the bedroom, prevention of clutter in the house, smart use of colours and mirrors, special attention to the main door through which, according to this chinese theory, Energy (Chi) enters the house.

Change in wall structure and furniture to improve flow of Chi in the house or appartment - could be quite expensive, and the result not always satisfactory.

My favourite Feng Shui item is the gracious Lucky Bamboo plant. Among the many other plants which symbolize life and growth, this one is considered the bringer of luck and fortune into the house. It requires water once a week, preferably distilled water , as tap water makes it ill - it becomes yellow and thus emanates bad energy and has to be removed.

I like the Feng Shui idea of placing a bowl of fruit, citrus mainly, in a strategic position such as near the entrance, to attract abundance and prosperity to the house. One must , however, constantly replace the fruit with fresh ones and not let it get rotten in which case it will result in bad smell and bad energy.

Many people will object to the Feng Shui 'demand' of no computer and no TV in the bedroom, but bedrooms are not meant for work or watching TV stupidities; bedrooms are meant for sleep and love.

Choosing of colors is not a light matter , at least not for me. I usually like bright colours like white, off- white, pale yellow . Feng Shui suggests , for example, painting the kitchen in yellow or orange , and the main door in red. However, the bottom line regarding colours and lights, is - whatever stands in harmony with the rest of the house, and makes one feel good.


  1. There is common sense here, no TV/computer in bedrooms, light and air, no clutter, pleasing colors. Thanks! I never knew what feng shui taught before.

  2. Looking round the house,after reading your post,I have come to the conclusion that the castle is over stuffed with clutter.Not an easy thing to solve as the hundreds of artifacts have been collected over many years and are what our visitors want to see. We do have large fruit bowls plants and fresh flowers though.My private retreat is the cottage,which is clutter free,whitewashed stone walls,mirrors,plants etc,it is very peaceful.I also do not have a television or computer in the bedroom.Very good advice.
    Did you get your new computer ? what did you get ?

  3. I like the idea of Feng Shui but I don't know that much about it. Until now that is.....,

  4. My brother went through a brief Feng Shui period recently. He believes that it secretly stands for the Cult of Decluttering :-) He said it was very helpful, and he did feel more energized and productive after clearing out all the crap in his house.

    I think when it comes to home energy, and what's appropriate and what isn't, it's best to simply go with what makes us happiest, and most comfortable. I think that attracts the most positive energy. When we're happy in our surroundings, our energy tends to be good.

    I do love to read about, and learn about, the various belief systems that govern ways of life, decorating, even diet but I subscribe to the belief that it is your home, and doing whatever it may be that makes you feel most comfortable and secure is the best way to go. If you want a bright pink room because it will make you happy? That's good energy for you, go for it!

    Too often I think we get confused about our homes, and how they represent to other people. Be your own, individual self, and if something like Feng Shui feels right to you? Go for it!

    We're all just looking for ways to feel happy to be home when we walk through the door, to experience our safe haven. I think that looks, and feels different for different people.

  5. I agree with no tv in the bedroom! Some people can go overboard with feng shui, but a lot of it does make sense. Thanks for the helpful info!

  6. Well, I get it about half right. I don't like clutter, love fresh air and light. I do however have a television in the bedroom and often have my laptop in there as well. I'm in there often when my husband is watching football or some other sport in another part of the house.


  7. :) frumos... si norocos, da....
    cele bune!

  8. I have two bamboo plants, the front door as well as side door are painted red and I do have a bowl of fruit out! I guess I am on the right path. However, about the clutter....something I seriously need to get at, excess stuff piled here and there...I do believe I feel much better when I get everything all organized.

  9. I learn so much reading your posts. Always interesting and insightful. Thanks for sharing,Duta, and now I will go try to de-clutter but the blue walls have to stay! :)

  10. Such wonderful information Duta! I was thinking about getting a book on feng shui to see what simple things I might be able to do as I redecorate and paint my house. :) Thank you!

  11. Great topic! I've read a bit about Feng Shui as well, and definitely know that a clean, clutter free space that smells fresh and is full of light makes me feel so much more calm and restful than a room clogged with knick knacks and too much stuff. Editing is very difficult- though the more I get rid of, the better I feel. My colours are ivory, straw, bronze green and ruby - we really like it, and visitors seem to as well. There are a lot of common sense edicts in feng shui...thanks for the reminder!

  12. I've never had a bamboo plant. I have always had a few (now 3) indoor plants, but I don't really like them. There's just something about bringing dirt into the house that doesn't make sense to me. Ha! Feng Shui is an interesting concept. Most of it makes a lot of sense, but I must have my bedroom TV.

  13. I'm a feng shui casualty! My girlfriend rearranged the furniture to free up our energy flow, only I forgot when I woke up in the middle of the night care of some business. I plunged over the back of the couch, momentarily trapping myself upside down between it and the ottoman. Guess I should be thankful that my chi was in good stead; no lasting damage.

  14. This is such simple and good advice. I didn't know the information about the bamboo. I do simple things too but you've given me even more ideas.

    I had a friend who Feng Shui'd her whole house and yard, and as you state, the results are not always desirable. She Feng Shui'd her husband right out of her life.

  15. It's a nice post the title Feng Shui....Probably it means in here and called into the "Poong Soo Ji Ree"....Poong means the Wind, Soo is the Water, Ji= Earth, and the Ree means the Principle....Guess it is exactly same theory...

  16. Bambusul este norocos sau posesorul lui? Vio.

  17. Dimple,

    Common sense, indeed. The theory is more complex, but as I said, I took from it the basic aspects.


    Your cottage sounds an ideal place to live in. Thanks for asking, but no, I haven't got yet the new computer; the technician who is to assemble it is ill.


    I didn't know about it too. Several years ago I had a terrible period, and a friend of mine said I must change things around me, and directed me to Feng Shui.

    Land of Shimp,

    I thought as you do - if I'm surrounded by colours , items, and arrangements that I like, than that's it, I should be happy. Well, let me tell you that I had a couple of terrible years, blow from every direction and field of life. A friend of mine suggested that I make changes according to Feng Shui. Things started to improve, but I'm not sure it was because of that; after all I believe in God and I prayed to Him for help.

    Pinecone Camp,

    You're welcome. I do agree with you that a lot of these chinese beliefs make sense.

  18. Sue (Someone's Mom),

    That's all rigt. Principles have to be flexible and allow us to adjust them to our specific needs.


    Asta vrea oricine -sa fie frumos si norocos. Multumesc pentru vizita si pentru comentariu.
    Toate cele bune!


    Clutter is a problem with me too. I get attached to things and when they are no longer in use, I find it hard to get rid of them, and this creates clutter.


    Thank you for the warm words you always bestow upon me.
    De-clutter is, I think,one of the most meaningful elements in Feng Shui.


    That's a good idea. Go ahead, and take out of it whatever suits you and your needs.

  19. Susan,

    I like your colours, and I do agree with you on the advantages of a free-clutter space.

    Janie B.

    I'm also reluctant to keep inside plants in pots with soil which inevitably brings some dirt ; the lucky bamboo, however,is kept in a glass or ceramic container with very small pebbles and some water - no soil.


    Your comment is hillarious, it made me laugh and I thank you for that. I hope you're OK, and that the lucky one who's your girlfriend has compensated you with a good, loving, massage on the affected part.

    Ronda Laveen,

    I liked your concluding sentence regarding your friend's 'feng shuing' her husband as part of feng shuing the house. Great humor.


    Indeed, Feng means wind, and Shui means water. The idea in ancient China was to live in a home with hills behind you to shield you from the wind, and with a stream or some sort of running water in front of your house.


    Planta aceasta, care nu este de fapt bambu, e considerata ca planta ce aduce noroc posesorului. Cu cat sunt mai multe plante din acestea in casa, cu atat e mai bine. Dar pentruca se numeste 'planta norocoasa' ('lucky bamboo'), probabil ca si planta in sine e considerata de chinezi ca planta cu noroc.

  20. I certainly wouldn't have opened the windows in my house this morning, it would have frozen us rigid, but I do like to have an uncluttered home and definitely no TV or computor in the bedroom.

  21. Hi Duta. ..I strive to practice Feng Shui, but I seem to be a clutter person. ..stacks of books, stacks of letters, stacks of CDs. get the picture. ..but I did purposely clear the way from my front door to my back door. ..and painted the kitchen orange. ..thanks for the upbeat post.

  22. Feng Shui-ing a caravan is a bit on the difficult side, Duta, but I like your instruction about citrus by the door - I could store the lemons I use for cooking by the door. Oh and I have already decided that when I finally do get to have a kitchen, that the colours will be bright an Mediteranean. So I think I am on the right track again! Thanks for the ideas.

  23. Duta:

    I am coming back to read your post more carefully- but I actually came to tell you something too:

    You've an award waiting of for you at my blog. Lookie!

  24. Well kiss my grits, I was wondering why everyone had those little bamboo plants. I thought it was another fad going on. I hope the Chi is happy with all my Christmas decorations. I like more relaxing colors like egg shell, blues, and greens. Hope you have your new puter now and it is fast one. Peace

  25. St. Jude,

    Opening windows when it's freezing outside , is indeed a problem.(Where I live the weather is warm most time of the year). Apart from window opening , it seems you don't have difficulties in feng shuing your home.


    I fully understand you; with me it's also a constant fight against clutter. I too have stacks of papers, books, etc..


    Lemons is good. Anyway, when you get some free time, read about this Feng Shui theory, it may give you lots of good ideas regarding your, still under construction, house.

    Entrepeneur Chick,

    Thanks a lot for honouring me, but this award
    is already on my sidebar; it was given to me by
    another blogger.

    Lady Di Tn,

    These "little bamboo plants"can achive an impressive height given the proper care.

    I'm sure Chi is happy with your decorations and
    colours in the house.
    (thanks for asking , but I haven't got yet the new computer).

    Peace to you too.

  26. Hi Duta

    I like your suggestion of fresh fruit by the door and immediately thought about where I placed mine. Not at the door but in front of the fireplace. Mmmmm, should I move it, I wonder.

    I too, have always love the bamboo plants. They are easy to care for and last a long time. The ideas and principle are really good and easy to follow.

    Again, another wonderful post. : )

  27. I think I need some bamboo.
    Winter has just begun, but I already miss having the windows open.
    And I wish I was better at being tidy. :)

  28. Am avut si noi o asemenea planta si din pacate a murit. S-a ingalbenit. Cred ca nu am stiut prea bine asa o ingrijim. Am avut ghinioane de atunci, dar sper sa nu fi fost din cauza aceasta.
    Cit despre Feng Shui e o teorie interesanta. Sunt perfect de acord cu treaba legata de dormitor, sa nu il incarci cu aparatura, ci acolo sa fie intr-adevar o oaza de relaxare.

  29. Angelina,

    It seems you are practicing Feng Shui, without knowing it ; display of fruit and bamboo plants are an integral part of this chinese theory.

    Thanks for the last line of your kind comment.


    I didn't know what the B' on your blog stands for. Well, now I know, and Bailey is a lovely name.

    The lucky bamboo plants are really nice and easy to take care of: no direct sunlight and water once a week. The glss/ceramic container is with tiny pebbles , not soil,so less dirt.

    Most of us wish we were bëtter "at being tidy".

    Bianca Popa,

    Ïmi place mult expresia: "...o oaza de relaxare". Intradevar.

    Planta aceasta ce e considerata aducatoare de noroc, nu este bambu desi e denumita astfel. Se zice ca apa de robinet continand clorina o imbolnaveste; deacea se recomanda apa distilata. Nici soare nu-i face bine; nu e voie lumina solara directa pe ea.

    Toate Bune!

  30. This was a very good post! As a person who investigates supposedly haunted homes, I've used many of the feng shui principles in my counseling to help them have a home that doesn't cause areas of unrest and discomfort.

  31. Shalom Duta! Very interesting information indeed. I have gladly added you on my 'Blog List'. Best regards, Philip

  32. Autumnforest,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.
    I guess you're an expert on Feng Shui, and I think it's great you can help people have an harmonious home.

    Phivos Nicolaides,

    Thank you. I'm glad to be on your Blog List.
    Shalom , Shalom!

  33. Duta,
    I have had so many bamboo plants turn yellow and mushy and die. I'm going to get another one and only water once a week with distilled water and hope that I don't kill yet another one. Thanks for the tip!

  34. Alicia,

    You do that. Make sure that no direct sunlight falls upon it, and keep it in a glass/ceramic container with tiny pebbles and some water.
    Good Luck!

  35. Nice compiliation of the theories of Feng Shui. Many realtors incorporate this information in their business. I have used feng shui to help sell a difficult listing.

  36. Sandy,

    Thank you.That's an interesting point - realtors using feng shui to help selling houses. I guess you were good at this.