Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Pink House

It stands on elevated ground, at the intersection of two streets. It has arched windows, cute semiround balconies, a decorative wood entrance door , and an ornamented iron gate ,all of which add elegance to the building. A long garden separates it from the next house's garden. Most of the time the house was uninhabited, or at least so it seemed, and that gave way to speculations and gossip in the small neighborhood. The owners of the house, apparently French citizens , are probably here now as the house looks refreshened lately.

Apart from serving as an informal direction indicator ("you get to the pink house, and then you turn right,/left/go straight ahead"), this small architectural gem painted in vintage pink has been an inspiration for those wishing to build a house with an old world charm.

One evening, some two years ago, I was on my way home , from a visit to an aquaintance of mine who was very ill. I was naturally in a sad, pensive mood, When I got close to the pink house, I noticed something which diverted me from my gloomy thoughts. There was a big light in one of the windows , and I saw a man intensely gesticulating and talking to someone in the room. I got curious, and since there were no dogs or electronics I approached the fence with no fear, in order "to get a better view".

As I was staring at the window trying to identify the person, someone from behind twisted my arms as if in an atempt to tie my hands. It was a terrifying moment until I heard "Guess who". It was the slightly retarded man who lived in the vicinity. I was trembling, and in pain from his grip . All I could do is to warn him never again to come near me . He seemed shocked at my angry reaction and kept muttering I'm sorry, I'm sorry. He thought he was showing his friendship for me, he said. He always looked so weak, I could never have suspected the strength in his hands. He was also so very timid and well-mannered, I couldn't have believed he would dare touch me.

From that evening on I lost all interest in the pink house, I learnt to mind my own business , and I also gave more thought to the less fortunate people such as the above mentioned handicapped man.

The pink house before the recent "refreshment"


  1. I worked with Special Ed. what they lack mentally has been given in strength it seemed. I love the whimsical look and feel of this unique house. It has movie star qualities! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!!!

  2. I'm not a fan of pink houses in general, but do like the architecture on this one, especially that curved window in the last photo. As for the story itself, I have to say that I'm very 'nosey' about houses and the people in them! I'm known by my family as someone who likes to watch for open curtains and blinds around dusk to dark, when families are gathered for dinner or just to see what their decor looks like! I don't mean that in a voyeuristic, creepy way, just in a curious how the other ones live way. I would never actually use binoculars, or creep up to the window to see what anyone was doing. And since I'm always in a car when I do this, you don't see much because of the distance to the house and the speed of the car! Just a passing glance.

    I'm with Nezzy on this one - they have incredible strength, as do some of the elderly in nursing homes. They may look week, but they can pack quite a wallop!

  3. Great photos of a very delightful looking building Duta.

    I can understand your alarm and fright at being grabbed like that. I think anybody, including me, would have been scared and then very, very angry.

  4. Beautiful home. I'd love to see the inside. I'm sure that was quite a scare but I'm glad it wasn't a more serious incident. You sure do have some interesting adventures! :-)

  5. There is a pink house in Savannah Georgia that I think is a restaurant and quite famous. So frightening that experience you had while eavesdropping. At least you recognized the person.

  6. I like the pink house. It feels happy and looks cheerful against the blue sky.
    Mentally disabled people, the mentally retarded are very loving and don't know their own strength. That is a problem people encounter with them, all the want to do is love you, hug you and share happiness. I can see why he scared you coming from behind, especially after visiting a sick friend and seeing what sounds like an argument in the otherwise cheerfully colored home.
    Somehow the home looks as though it does not match the neighborhood though...but I do like pink...LOL

    Have a Happy Day, Duta :)

  7. Nezzy,
    I agree with you on both: the look of the house and the strength of hose mentally handicapped.
    Have a wonderful day, too!

  8. Wander to the Wayside,
    There's nothing wrong with having a curious nature: it's human. I appreciate your sincerity about your being 'nosey'.
    As for the pink color of the house, this pink is quite pleasant to the eye.

  9. PhillipH,
    Thanks for your understanding of the incident, and for liking the pictures of the building.

  10. Lisa,
    I've never been inside this house, but I imagine the principle's the same: curves and arches. I'm curious, though, about the furniture, is it classic or modern?

  11. Tabor,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the info on the pink house in Savanna Georgia.I'll look it up on the web.

  12. TheChicGeek,
    You're right about the mentally retarded; they seek a bit of love and friendship. Indeed, I used to be nice and smiling to the guy until after the incident.
    Have a Happy Day too, Kelly!

  13. You're right, about seeking "a bit of love and friendship", but to me, that's a strange way to show it. I think you're right to be weary of him.

    The house is beautiful, and, somehow, the pink works. Not many houses can be painted pink and not look completely out of place. As far as looking in through the window, I think if people leave their curtains open at night, they don't mind if others look in. If I'm walking or driving by a house that's lit up inside, and the curtains are open, I always take a look.

  14. Hi Duta,

    Another gem among the jewels you share with us about your world. Often I too will imagine what interesting things are going on in houses I drive by regularly.

    As for the man, because he is challenged mentally he likely is not aware of his own strength and how his actions frightened you. For sure you should be on guard, but it does not hurt to give him a compassionate smile now and again when you see him.

  15. Hi Bica,
    Thanks for your comment.
    That's what I say too: if the curtain is up, and there's light, it's a sign that the people of the house don't mind if a passer by takes a look at what's going on inside.

  16. Angelina,
    I tend to agree with you that the challenged mentally is not aware of his own strength. It's we who have to be on the alert about it.

    I'm flattered that you consider my post a gem.

  17. Duta
    Looks like the "Pepto-Bismol" house that is up on the lake. Hehe. I do not care for the color pink on a house especially on the outside. I think it makes it look unreal more a fairy type color.I thought using it as a directional indicator was great.
    Sorry about the incident as you watched the silent play inside the house. That would really unnerve me. I have never been comfortable with those who suffer mental retardation (oops I used a not political correct term) as I do not know how to respond to them as some phrases etc can upset them. I am thankful there are folks who do know how.

  18. Ladt Di Tn,
    Thanks for stopping by, and for the detailed comment.
    An incident like that with the mentally challenged guy could happen to anyone anywhere, and it's not pleasant at all.
    Peace to you too!

  19. What an attractive house, and what a learning curve it gave to you! I like watching people as well. I don't think it is being intrusive to them though, it is just that people fascinate me, and I think that they do the same to you, hence the window watching! Another interesting blog, Duta. Thanks for posting it.

  20. Hi Vera,
    I greatly appreciate your comment. Indeed 'window watching' could be quite fascinating and we all like sometimes to engage in it.

  21. I liked this post very much! Great looking house, and I could see myself reacting the exact same way. It's fascinating to gaze into someone else's world...and maybe even a little more fascinating when we become a part of it.
    Thank you!

  22. Hi Duta,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos of the great Mexican food we had this weekend.

    I love the pink house. That color is perfect for that house! I'm sorry about your scare but glad you are ok.

    Keep finding places with character!

  23. Arika,
    Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you like this post. Hope you'll like all my following posts.

  24. Alicia,
    I like your comment on this post and I'm looking forward to more of your visits to my blog.

  25. Duta you had indeed a terrifying moment, but I was just impressed by the mentally retarded person
    I heartily sympathize with him. He is so lonely and he needs relationships for beloved.
    He has feelings just like everyone else. Naturally he was shocked and hurt at your angry reaction. He has faced daily humiliation and his soul was wounded again. But he suffered in silence and kept muttering I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
    We should all aspire to being compassion, and more understanding for the poor.
    I bless you that you understood to give more thought to the less fortunate people .

  26. Rahel/Rodica
    I totally agree with you.

  27. Thank you for droping by I shall look forward to visiting your site, the pink house, how lovely.

  28. About me,
    Welcome to my little blog,
    Hope you'll indeed honor me again with your visits on my site.

  29. What a very interesting site you have! I can't wait to spend more time reading your posts!

  30. Dandy,
    Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you wish to read my posts.

  31. That house is beautiful. I would be curious about a gorgeous empty house too. And I would have been TERRIFIED if someone had come up behind me like that, especially when I was doing something I felt perhaps I should not have been doing. Oh, goodness!

  32. Jo,
    I appreciate your stopping by, and am thankful for your wise comment.

  33. Duta, Thanks for your visit to my blog. I love that pink house and would really love to see the inside. The name of your blog is very interesting. I am anxious to see other "places."

  34. Janie,
    I would also like to see the inside of this house. I'm sure it's impressive.
    Thanks for your visit and comment.

  35. Good heavens, DUTA! That would frighten the wits out of anyone, and you did very well to simply speak sternly to the man. I'm afraid I would have split the sky with my piercing screams, and I'm not actually kidding. I'm capable of horror movie scream queen yodels, and I'm very much afraid that had that happened to me? The Pink House scene would have been disrupted by the inhabitants scrambling to call the authorities.

    It's fine to be curious, curiosity can actually be a pretty helpful trait to have. It keeps us looking out for one another.

    I like the Pink House. I like colors in general, and having some diversity within a neighborhood when it comes to color, makes it more visually striking. What a boring world if we were all the same.

    I feel sorry for the fellow who frightened you, but I do feel much sorrier for you in that instance. You really did well. Like most women my age who have lived in cities, I've taken self defense classes which tell you to follow up that ear-splitting scream in this manner:

    Scream to disorient, stomp to distract, and then punch (or kick) to disable. Sadly, had it been me, that poor soul would like have been dealing with some very bruised parts.

  36. Land of Shimp,
    You are right about the screaming thing, but at that moment , because of the surprise ,I was like paralysed, could do nothing.
    Thank you for your interesting comment.