Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The nuns' silent neighbouress

Ashes, dust, will remain of you
As this has always been the rule
Nothing brings you into this world
Nothing takes you away from it
Nothing of you will remain behind

Veronica Micle
4.v111 1889

(free translation from romanian - june 2009)

On one of the hottest days of last June, facing the tombstone of the young beautiful poetess Veronica Micle, I felt a deep sadness penetrating my soul. What a loss of talent and beauty ! I think the words, engraved on her stone, refer to the physical aspect of things . She herself left behind two daughters, poems, prose , admirers.- that's certainly no Nothing.

Veronica committed suicide two months after her lover (the great romanian poet Mihai
Eminescu) died. She was burried in a tiny garden at the Varatec Monastery. This all women's monastery (with about six hundred nuns), surrounded by meadows and forests , housing fine paintings and furniture, always attracted writers, poets and scholars who found here the proper atmosphere for rest and creative work - and in Veronica's case, final peace.

Veronica and Eminescu, whom she lovingly called Emin, first met at her house where she hosted a literary salon. After the death of her husband (thirty years her senior), the two came close to each other planning to marry but , for some reason , it didn't happen. They both died in their late thirties.

There's some new material (letters) recently released by descendants of the Micle family, and it will probably serve as the basis of a great literary, romantic movie.


view of Veronica Micle's grave -( june 2009)

the main entrance to the monastery (hidden by the van)

nun selling products of the monastrey's own bakery (2009)

people visiting the convent - (june 2009 )


  1. Fascinating information, Duta. Her grave and the woman herself were both stunningly beautiful. What a wonderful movie that will make...an even better novel :)
    Thanks for sharing your neat pictures too :)
    Have a Blessed Day, Duta!

  2. Very handsome couple. Is that an angel or a child weeping/wiping a tear from its eye at the grave monument? And its crossed feet only add to the emotional element.

  3. The ChicGeek
    Indeed ,'fascinating' is the proper word to describe the woman and her short life.
    There is a theater play regarding the couple of poets,but now with the release of new vital documents that will clear away much of the mystery around them, the path to a gigantic movie is open.

  4. Lisa,
    I agree with you. They are two beautiful people.
    As to your question, what one sees is a child weeping, but it could be both, a child-angel.

  5. How interesting. I love poetry and I will look for her poetry. I love the picture of the bakery. I am crazy about bakeries. I love bread.
    Your blog is very very interesting. I think we have a spiritual connection. Everytime I visit your blog, I feel a good but nostalgic feeling.
    Thanks for sharing Veronica with us. What intense this love storie.

  6. Michelle P.

    Hi, lover of bread and poetry. Thank you for your very kind words about my blog. I think the connection you're referring to has something to do with our longing to the country of origin(you- Brasil, me -Romania) which fills us with warm, nostalgic feelings.

  7. What a story! Sad that she felt she had to follow him in death - because they are both so talented and beautiful/handsome it reminds me on the Romeo and Juliet story.
    The convent looks very modern (from the outside).
    How was your vacation, Duta?

  8. jeannette stgermain,

    Indeed jeannette, in a way it's like Romeo & Juliet's story. Family and friends did a lot to part between the two lovers.

    Yes, you could say the convent looks modern from the outside. The nuns had to adjust themselves to reality. They work very hard, do all the required chores: cleaning, cooking, mending. They run a bakery, a souvenir shop, a small museum, an embroidery school, and some other facilities that help them earn a living.

    My vacation (thanks for asking) was very rewarding .

  9. Love; stronger than the Atlantic cable, it's pulled monarchs from their thrones.

    And thousands die of broken hearts, so sadly true.

  10. PhilipH

    Thanks for your almost poetic comment. You do have a beautiful way with words.

  11. What an interesting post. I always learn something when I visit your blog. What a gorgeous couple Veronica and Eminescu were. I love stories like this.

  12. Jo,

    Thanks. I feel flattered and honored to think that you learn something from my posts.

  13. Duta,

    Your site is awesome. What beauty and insight you provide to the world. I feel honored to be able to follow you. Thank you for enriching my life.

  14. C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson,

    Your words left me speechless. What a huge compliment, especially as it comes from someone like you who is a writer, an artist, and a photofrapher !

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  15. You concentrate on sensitive points of life, in rural life, and so you share with everyone your spiritual thoughts.
    Broken hearts are everyday and every time in every corner of the world.
    Why Love should not be simple?

  16. Rahel/Rodica,
    Why, indeed? Love is never simple; there are always some evil forces that will try to suppress it and break the lovers' hearts.