Monday, June 8, 2009


Ben Bernanke (the chairman of the Fed) is printing dollars like there's no tomorrow.

Stanley Fischer (the Governor of Bank 0f Israel) is buying dollars like there's no tomorrow.

OK - Could be there's no tomorrow. With the intensive spread of nuclear power and the global warming which brings about natural disasters - the end of the world seems pretty real. Add to this, the major fact that God is very angry with us people, for violating the order and rules of this universe with migration ,pollution ,and globality - and you get the whole picture.

But what if there is a tomorrow ? Well, in this case, it won't have anything to do with the dollar. Let's face it, America is a superpower of debts.
The World Bank is quietly looking for a substitute to the old green bill, just in case...

So why are these two respectable economy professors playing the game of printing and purchasing dollars? It's my humble opinion that they won't tell us why because they have no idea why. They're both stuck in some old theory regarding the Depression of 1929-1933 and their every second word is "growth" -whatever that means.

Bernanke was Fischer's doctoral student. Israel got the teacher, America got the student ,and the world got a big monetary and economic Headache.


  1. So that's why I keep getting a headache!! You're right - they won't tell us why because they don't really have a viable explanation - just hoping anything will work when probably it just needs to play itself out and ALOT of people need to spend some time in a penitentiary. No one understands the meaning of integrity anymore.
    And I like the picture of the polar bears waltzing!

  2. Hi Duta :) I agree with you! The world is such a mess. I, myself don't know what the answer is. I hope we can all figure it out and soon. All the greedy people in power just don't have any integrity anymore. Everyone seems to be concerned only about themselves, what's in it for them. They shout the same mantra, "It's all about Me!" I also love the polar bears waltzing...Thank goodness some things are still simple and beautiful in this world.

  3. I honestly with all the printing going on the US$ does not end up like the Zim$. I agree that God must be very angry about the way we look after and take care of His creation.

  4. Lisa,
    We should question things and not take it for granted that those at the top know better than us what's right and wrong.They don't.
    I'm glad you liked the bears.They are cute, aren't they?

  5. The CheeKGeek,
    I also like the simple, beautiful things in this world, but the overall situation could spoil our ability to enjoy even them.

    You mention the word 'mantra' in the right context. Reality has become indeed one big mantra circling around the ME.

  6. A human kind of human,

    This printing of money for 'stimulus' purposes, whatever that means,is likely to have very bad consequences. In the meantime, people go on with their life hoping everything will turn out ok. We always have God to protect us and help us.

  7. Now, is your title a play on words with the geographical Via Dolorosa" - the path/way of suffering??

  8. Yes, Jeannette. It's not a spelling mistake. I'm afraid the acrobatics of our present economy experts is setting for us a long path of suffering.

  9. The human race created money, and now it rules us. Isn't it a dichotomy that we have created our own ruler? No wonder God is unhappy. There cannot be a good ending to this.

  10. JO,
    Indeed so, money rules the world, and as they say ,money is the root to all evil. We can have no trust in it.

  11. Angry or not..I still have to chase that elusive little dollar tomorrow. Poor attitude, probably. But its so very true.

  12. Hi, Kimberley. Thanks for visiting.
    There's nothing wrong with your attitude.We all do what we can in this messy reality.